Hi there!

I am Faten, a Paris-based photographer who has always found great joy and passion in capturing moments and people. I got more into portrait photography a bit before Covid-19 happened and boy do I feel lucky!
Being in quarantine for most of the year allowed me to experiment and let my creative juices flow without the distractions of the busy city life.

The inspiration drawn from those times of isolation led me to where I am today. 
I've worked on fashion projects as well as creative portraits and special events and met some wonderful people along the way.
The main goal for me with photography is to be able to share the joy of my work with you. 
It's the reason why I put a lot of energy and love into all of my projects. 
It is crucial for me to connect with you not just as a client but as a friend so that I can help capture life's precious moments in the best way I can.

let's work together!

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